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vic firth
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Just a few of the 5-star Amazon reviews!

“What a great book! Built for kids, but savvy adults can use it too! I just love the illustrations and how the drum parts are isolated to show where they are played. The reading of notes has always been an issue for me and I think for the very first time, I understand. Thanks Slammin’ Simon for keeping it simple and Rudy for reminding me to Practice, Count and Keep it Steady! I can’t wait to share with all my drummer friends!”

– Robin2bs

“The perfect book for anyone looking to start playing who also wants to be able to learn to read music for drums and percussion instruments. Years ago, I started out as an uninspired, frustrated drummer until I began taking private lessons from one of the authors. This book lays out the fundamentals from the very lessons that got me started on the right path. 15 years later, I’m still at it!”

– PapaBrew87

“This book is very well done & fresh! I like the constant reminder for counting – which is important in ALL music aspects & that rhythms are written within a staff. It will be easy for kids to relate to, understand (I like its large print format). I was impressed with how the whole drum kit is visible, with the highlighted instrument displayed in bold.”

– Michael